How I got into Breeding

How I got into Breeding!

I got my first experience with breeding from my Mother, we had a Sweet Beagle her name was “Lady” she was my best friend as a child..  Lady had a male friend that would come over and sire puppies… so as a little girl I would be outside in the pen with the puppies, playing for hours.. they were sold with no papers into pet, hunting homes..

After growing up and working in Human Services for many many years.. I was Dept Head of Long Term Care ie Social Work.. I have a pet Shih Tzu and took her to work with me 3 times a week to help our elderly connect with parts of there lives that may have been wonderful memories… I was so amazed at how some folks who had not spoken a word.. lit up upon seeing this little dog.. “Kiah” would jump up on there bed.. tenderly kiss them and snuggle.. it was as tho she knew what some people needed when I was struggling to find  something that would help them to want to go on..

It was at this point I began to see that sometimes an animal can cross a bridge that is closed to us as humans, and thought what a wonderful contribution this could be in my life to bring happy, healthy, puppies into the lives of someone who could relate in a way that not even a human can at times..  This was the beginning  of working with beginning of life issues rather than end of life issues.. and I have felt this way ever since.


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