About Me

Located in Northeast Florida

I have always been an Animal lover!

I was born and raised in New Hampshire, now residing in Northeast Florida  even as a young child almost every picture of me is with a Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Duck, ect ect.. rarely are there photos of just me.. my entire life has revolved around animals of different species.. even down to having salamanders.. I have always had a connection with animals and believe I said Horsey before Momma as an infant.. It was just part of my make up and roots were always firmly planted in mother earth and nature!

It seems upon my journey in life that many people did not respect Mother Earth and all her Glory, animals were treated as an outward extension of making an addition to  a family and treated as second rate occupants of the house if in the house at all.. I was able to interact with all animals and found our bond to be strong, permanent, and insighful.

Many have called me Miss Doolittle.. but animals have a way of expressing themselves if  only you slow down to listen or bond with them so they can tell there story. Animals are very smart and can teach you many ways of Nature and how to be a better person, from there love of all, to sensing a bad aura on another be it human or animal.. so much they have taught me, it has been a wonderful journey!


I worked in the Human Service field for over 30  years, Hospice, Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide, Social Work, Traumatic Brain Injury, and held Groups of 2 to 30 doing Boarderline Hypnosis (which I was asked to teach at the local college during my associates degree) with what I call Visual Journeys, to take someone out of there affirmaties and into a place they loved and cherished, bringing them back to that time so they can heal and return renewed and able to cope better.  I  also have a Master/Teacher in Reiki so was able to incorporate the healing into the groups..

Degrees and Certifications

Bachelor of Science
Major in Mental Health

Master/Teacher Reiki

Notes of Interest

Born of Gypsy descent, I am 3d generation from Portugal, I come from a long line of Actress, Singers, Fortune teller, and Circus entertainers who rode the Famous “Jumbo the Elephant” as well as tight rope walked working  with  Barnum and Bailey
I have four grown sons who are
*Film Producer
*Mergers and Acquisitions 
*Meat Cutter
*Sports Equiptment Manager 


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