English Bulldogs Adora-Bull

English Bulldogs


Let me first say that English, are the light of my life, very loving and once you have owned an English you will Never want to be without one!

I will breed English, again next year.. here are my new additions,
Future Parents Below

 Meet “Mercedes”



“Bully Bob Thornton”

 Our Older Girls!

Miss Piggy the house Mascott, who had 1 litter in her lifetime… she is now 9 years old and Spayed2 beautiful baby girls were born to Miss Piggy,  with Awesome temperaments, which are  Dozetta

Get a peek at her live video, . “Mighty Dozetta”


and her sister Pork A Bella.. both girls are  7 years old

Want to see how Beautiful Dozetta and Pork A Bella were as babies??

take a look  Here they are Newborn just a few hours old 🙂

and again at 4 weeks old below

and at 6 weeks old

My Girls have Grown and Grown.. they are the light of my LIFE!!  🙂



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