Past French Bulldog Puppies


Look at Bentley here is what his family has to say
Hey Cindy! It’s the gagnon family. We just wanted to give you an update. He’s doing so well and is getting so big! He’s already 19 pounds! He’s such a good dog and is learning more each day. He loves to swim, run,play, and of course sleep(: Again we thank you for giving us such a sweet,amazing dog. Will be sending some pics your way(:

Look at Delilah near 5 months old now Updated pics
Thank you for the update Muriah


Look at  Bentley!!

Thank you for the update Gagnon family!

Look at George!!
Thank you Gina for the update!

photo (1)

he says Happy Easter


Thank you Gabriel
image (7) (1)

Updated pics of Reiko aka Stubby at 4 1/2 months old and 10.8 lbs



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