Testimonials / Past Pups

Here is what Amy has to say about “Stewie”

Hi Cindy,

Just wanted to say hi and send you some pics of Stewie. I absolutely adore him, he is so sweet. I just had him neutered a couple weeks ago, I’ll send you the copy of the paperwork.
We are so happy with him. He is so adorable! And EVERYONE he meets falls in love with him! We’ll probably want to get another one next year!


Update from Sue on our Imperial Shih Tzu “Susie” 

Here is what Sue has to say:
Hi, Cindy. Just thought I’d let you know about Suzy’s progress.she loves being here with us and we love her! She’s precious, adorable, a stinker, is learning what she can get away with and that no means no.(that’s a work in progress) she is very good about going outside to potty(also a work in progress).She is also the most loving dog you can imagine . She just got back today from the beauty shop. She is really little without all that hair! She’s been to the dr. twice. She’s healthy and happy! Thanks again for all you did for her. It’s making it real easy for us . Just know that we are all happy and we love her very much. Hugs, Sue

Update on Pemi from James and Megan

Hi Cindy

Pemi is doing great, she loves to eat, sleep, and of course play! Puppy classes are starting in a few weeks, which will be exciting to watch her learn even more! We are so happy with our new addition… even the cat loves her!

James & Megan

Update on “Brody” from Julia
Okay, I promise I won’t email you three times a day – but what a GREAT BOY!!!!  After lunch, we went for a walk (on the leash – which he acclimated to very quickly around the neighborhood and he played with some of the kids).    He then watched Animal Planet which he was thrilled with for a couple hours on the couch with Rodney – was over the moon with the giant plasma TV.   Dinner at 6 – kibble with warm water and ground beef.   I’m going to have to be careful with the food – he is a piggy.  Pooped outside.   He has been peeing on the pee pads in the bathroom, no accidents anywhere else.    Game of ball with Eric after work and he’s now sound asleep with Rodney in the pen.    WE LOVE HIM!!!!!


Update on “Taz” from Sophie


Yes, we are using the pads too.  I’m trying a harness today; hopefully that will help.  Besides the lack of sleep I’m having the time of my life and he’s nothing but a cuddly ball of fun!  So happy I made the decision do get him J
unnamedimage1 (1)

Update on “Winston” from Joe and Amanda
We wants to thank you for this handsome guy! He has such a funny personality and is so sweet. He is finishing up in his training classes and we are realizing how smart he is. He loves to be outside, swim, take walks,  play with his toys, and loves to snuggle. He is up to 25 pounds and is in great health. Thank you again for a perfect frenchie!

Update on Tuuka

Hi Cindy!!
 I was just on the web site and checking out what you guys are up to!  I cannot believe I have let this much time get by without telling you about our grand Tuukka!  Tim and I just got back from our first big dog class with him and his teacher is very enamored as you can imagine.  I will put Tim on figuring out pictures but Tuukk looks a bunch like one of the reds you have on your website.  Incredible and loving and HEAD STRONG!  We love him so much and we are just now addressing his need to be large and in charge but he is so responsive to training and SMART!  House training was a little bit of a challenge but keep in mind we brought him home in the coldest winter on record and man, I couldn’t blame his not wanting to go outside!  We’re doing great now – good boy for a week.  Tuukka was neutered about a month ago without any problems – he did not do well with the pain medicine called tramadol; he became sick to his stomach on the second day and on day three we discontinued it with recommendation from his vet and he seemed pain free and very much himself.  My daughter Shannon adores him and man I really can’t even think of our lives without him anymore; just so loving and expressive and happy!  The dog class teacher actually said, “you have a great dog here” and I gave her your web site information as one of her friends is looking for a great breeder!  Don’t know any better breeder than our Cindy!
The trainer did want me to ask you about food; Tuukka does have some serious gas (blow you out of the room gas) and she thought I should address it with you.  We have kept him on the blue seal you feed the puppies; what do you think?  Just over 8.5 month old.
I hope you are well and all your babies are as wonderful as we remember.  You must be devastated about Yo Yo – what a brutal decision but certainly the right one Cindy as you are just so completely dedicated.  I tried to talk Tim into maybe considering but just getting Tuukka in training and I think it’s a little too much for him to take on right now.  I wish YoYo girl the best and know she will be in a loving and cherishing home.
I hope to talk soon Cindy – so very sorry to not be in closer touch; life gets in the way as you know.
Fondly and with lots of love,
Mary Ann, Shannon and Tim   (Of course the Tuukka too!  Wait until you see him!!  So handsome!!)

Update on George

Hi Cindy!

Hope all is well – wanted to let you know that we are so in love with our George!

He’s been having a great life and getting to see and do a lot.

He is well cared for and very much loved.

He’s a big boy and everyone who meets him falls in love with him.

Thank you for bringing him into our lives.

Here are some updated photos.



Update on Harvey aka Gabe
Harvey’s just now a little over six months – thought we’d share some of his recent exciting outings with you.

Rachel & Dave

One of our Imperial Shih Tzu baby girls, this is what her Momma has to say:
Just wanted to share with you how wonderful Winnie is! Not only is she beautiful but she is the best companion I ever could imagine. She is the most popular girl in my neighborhood let alone my heart! Thank you for trusting her with me!

Update on Mooka Leap now almost 2 1/2 years old:

Hi Cindy,

Here are some updated pics of Mooka. She is almost 2 1/2 years old now. and the love of our life! We went for her 2 year check up and the Vet said she was Perfect. I said of course Lol!

“Harvey” aka Gabe here is what his family has to say:
We thought we’d share some photos with you of your Gabe! (Our Harvey)  He is doing very well! Meeting lots and lots of dogs! He likes playing with the biggest dogs too. He went to a french bulldog play date a couple weeks ago. He is very social with people and other dogs. Most days he tries to say hi to everyone we walk past on the streets and at the parks. He is developing quite a personality.  

He has learned “sit” “sit down” “stay” and almost has “paw”. He has been to Buffalo for a long weekend at Easter and this past weekend he came to Cape Cod with us. It wasn’t too hot so he was able to enjoy the beach – wasn’t too fond of getting close to the water!
He is going to the vet for the 2nd time this week. He has been healthy so far and eating pretty well ( most days 3 full bowls a day) he has gotten spoiled for a couple meals as well – he likes carrots, peanut butter, chicken, and his favorite little treat – ice cubes!
We are very happy we found your breeding organization.Harvey is a big part of our lives now! We can’t remember what it was like before we got him.

We’ll send more updates as he grows this summer. 

Take care
Rachel & Dave

“Tessie” Home with her family this is what they have to say:

Hi Cintivia,
This is a long overdue email but we wanted to check in with you and let you know how much we are enjoying Tessie, who we got from  you March 11th.
She is such a sweetie and since we met her parents we can see resemblances of both in her.
Attached are some pictures.  Feel free to use them on your website or to advertise…..
Thanks again for our beautiful dog!  (as you can see she isn’t camera shy and neither are we!)

Tracy Brodd and Jim Murphy


“Louie” has gone home, see what his family has to say:
Happy Easter Cindy!
Just wanted to keep you updated on Louie’s progress! He’s constantly eating and sleeping to keep up with his growing! Pretty much house trained and is the most lovey little guy who gives kisses to everyone he meets! Our little cuddle bug is adjusting nicely. This is our first family photo and I thought I would share it with you!

Hope you are doing well!
Jim, Renee, and Louie 


“Bentley” has gone home see what his family has to say:
Hi Cindy! It’s the Gagnon family. We have loved our new addition to the family! He’s so good and hilarious! He fits right in! He gets along great with our lab Brady (: thank you again for such a great dog! We will keep you updated and send you more pictures soon(:

photo (5)

“George” has gone home here is what his Mom and Dad have to say

Hi Cindy –

We hope all is well with you.  Jay and I wanted to send a few pictures of George.  He is doing very well, however, he did tell me that he does miss Concord NH and his original mama.  J  I’m sure it’s very hard for you still – we can understand as we have grown to love him tremendously in only 1 month and can’t imagine not having him as part of our family.  Please know that he is being very well taken care of and loved.


He (and we) say Merry Christmas!


I’ll send more pictures as I take them.  J

Gina and Jay


photo (1)


“Baby Zena” Beautiful Red French Bulldog puppy went home April 28th 2012

Here is what “Zena’s ” new Mom and Dad have to say:

My wife and I purchase the red female she arrived to us Saturday night and she is amazing we love her so much already ms Cindy was a pleasure to work with the frenchie was everything she said it was and then some I recommend her to anyone to do business with

Thanks ms Cindy

Damon & Lisa

“Zena” with her new Momma, in her new dress!

Thank you so much for loving Zena as much as I do, she will be in our hearts forever!


Mooka Leap

went home May 2012

Here is what Mooka Leap’s new parents have to say:

Lisa and I wanted to thank you again for providing us with such a wonderful dog! For allowing us to spend time with your dogs before bringing one home. The personalities of all your animals made the experience very enjoyable and we would be happy to recommend you to anyone looking for a dog of their own. You take excellent care of your animals and that can be seen in their overall demeanor! We’ll be keeping in touch!



This Beautiful little girl was produced from “Lucy” my Imperial Shih Tzu  Born Sept 12th 2011

Here’s “Sophie” and what her Mother has to say:

Here is Sophie all grown up! She is still doing very well and is much loved by everyone. She loves being outdoors and walks on her leash like a little princess. She is not shy with anyone on the contrary she is a little spitfire.

Thank you so much Eileen, she is so Beautiful and Tiny!


2 thoughts on “Testimonials / Past Pups

  1. My wife and I purchase the red female she arrived to us Saturday night and she is amazing we love her so much already ms Cindy was a pleasure to work with the frenchie was everything she said it was and then some I recommend her to anyone to do business with

    Thanks ms Cindy
    Damon & Lisa

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